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Tree Hunting

We’re spending the holidays with family this year. I’m so happy to be away from the city’s hustle and bustle to spend some quiet family time with my in-laws. I know my kids are too!

The first thing we did was find our tree!

And for our very first time, we cut it down ourselves!20121215-160257.jpg

The kids were a little skeptical about walking all over this huge tree farm at first. But once we had selected our tree and cut it down they got into the whole process.20121215-160359.jpg

And were very excited to help carry it back to our car :) 20121215-160628.jpg

This little one was more than a little annoyed here that her hot chocolate was actually hot. She’s two

By the way, I am editing/blogging via iPad only for awhile so I’m hoping my photo colors and layouts aren’t all wonky when you’re viewing it ;)

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Project 52 – Macro

I don’t have a Macro Lens. Nor can I even pretend to know much about macro photography. So I’m going with a close-up for this week’s theme.
Yes “Close-up” photography was an option this week for us Macro dummies :)
 And just cos he makes my heart skip a beat.


Here’s one more of my boy…
 He’s on my blog so much less than his baby sister these days :(

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2.5 Year Check-Up

We had our 2.5 year checkup recently.
My picky little eater dropped from her usual 95th percentile self (height and weight) to the 75th percentile. That’s good. I guess. Maybe not.
These things matter so much less with the second one…
 All I heard was she was healthy. If a little bit aloof with our warm and friendly pediatrician. At least she didn’t scream at him. Which is kind of huge. Given that she screams at anyone who even glances her way.
 Raising a girl. Someone please hold my hand.

For the next 16 years…

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Gingerbread House

It sure doesn’t feel like a year since this post…  Wow, Jack-Jack was so tiny. With so little hair!
When I saw Trader Joes was selling the exact same Gingerbread House kit again, I snatched it up!

It was fun to see how far Jack-Jack has come. Last year I was keeping her just out of reach of everything. This year she participated in the decorating of the house and even had her own half of the roof to decorate all by herself.
Some things don’t change though. They still made a mess. And I still had to beg them for a posed shot with their masterpiece.
These two. Sometimes they really are two peas in the same pod. Even if they are 4.5 years apart.
 By the way, if you look closely, laying the front of the house is a casualty from the construction of this house. Jack-Jack bit his head off when we weren’t looking. I only noticed after she had gone through half his torso. I don’t know why, but it was a little traumatic for Rex and I… That’s ok, the other 2 guys are alive and well.

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A Little Farm Outside City Limits

So we’ve all been a little under the weather lately. Basically all last week. Actually we’re currently still hanging on to the last of a nasty cough that just refuses to go away. *sigh* But I did manage to get the kids out for some fresh farm air one day.

And by fresh I mean if you love cows and chickens. Which my daughter does. A lot.
Not too many animals out that day so they quickly found other ways to entertain themselves.
Monkey see, monkey do.
All. The Time.
And the older smarter one knows it too.
 Good times at Tilden Farm in Berkeley. I need to remember that it’s only a short drive away from us!

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Colorado Trip

We were in Colorado to see family recently. We ran into some snow at the start of our trip but that was all we got the entire time we were there.

Here are some scenes from our week with family in the Rockies.


It was a fun trip but I have to say, I’m happy to be back in 60 degree weather even if it is kind of wet right now :)

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Hang Tight

I’m finally done with my 2012 family sessions. I’m working on the final edits and should have some free time to get caught up on my personal photography and life in general soon!

Here’s a peek at some of my favorite shots of the happy families I had the pleasure of shooting the past few weeks…

There are more on my professional blog at Adel Vardell Photography.

I am so grateful to have had this experience. It has grown my photography in many ways to shoot a variety of families at some of the prettiest locations in San Francisco. It is a wonderful journey in creativity and I am only at the beginning of it. I am looking forward to 2013 and everything it has in store for me.

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