Best $13 Spent Ever

I found this idea browsing the Pinterest boards one day. I just HAD to find me an old printer’s tray after that. I looked on Craigslist and Ebay. Nothing on CL and all the printer’s trays on Ebay were upwards of $45 + shipping! I was so disappointed and put the idea on the backburner for awhile. Well this past Sunday while browsing the Alemany Flea Market, guess what I found? :)

This gorgeously framed mirror! Isn’t it beautiful??

Haha… well besides that I also stumbled upon this old printer’s tray!! When the guy told me he wanted $15 from him I almost gave him a hug and told him I’d take it for $20! Ha! But the old chinese lady in me kept my cool, asked if he would take $10 for it and when he said he’d do it for $13 I couldn’t hold back any longer. I gave him the money, grabbed the tray (well had Grizz grab it) and skipped happily away! I was SO HAPPY I found one for $13!!!

As soon as we got home I gathered the supplies and began prepping for the project. Of course I kept my Rex as involved as I could since this was going to be his. He picked the colors (we already had spray paint on hand) he wanted and waited very impatiently for me to take these TWO pictures!

He helped me tape the side and frame with painting tape since we were going to paint it a different color. And daddy helped us hammer in the lose nails.

We used my mother’s day gift (a HUGE roll of heavyweight paper Grizz found laying on the street – he thinks it fell off a truck – that he thought I’d love so he pulled over, got out and ran into oncoming traffic to pick it up. He was right. I LOVE it! Mostly because it was FREE!) to line the garage floor  before we painted.

As much as I wanted to let him spray the red paint on, he just was not old enough to manage it yet. So mama did the spray painting. I did a total of 2 coats and let it dry overnight. The next day he helped me peel off the blue tape and we got to work on the next step.

He wanted the border to be black so he helped me paint the sides while I did the top edges. He was great at it. So careful and meticulous as always.

The one coat was definitely not enough. So we let it dry yet one more night and we came back and coated it again the next day. I finished it with clear acrylic spray and let it dry one final night.

And here is the finished piece. I just LOVE it!

He only wanted his Star Wars minifigs in the display for some reason. Don’t they look happy in there? :)

He was just as pleased with it as his mama. I love that he was part of creating it.

For now we have mounted it in his Lego area in the living room. But when he gets his own room come August it’ll be part of his Star Wars themed bedroom we’ll be creating.

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4 Responses to Best $13 Spent Ever

  1. Stacy says:

    omg! That is awesome, crafty Adel!!

    I saw something similiar like this on Pintrest too. I absolutely LOVE that site! I just got invited! :)

  2. Anna says:

    What is the website for these nifty crafts? Good job adel. Fun mom.

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