Easter Crafts I Chose

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I have  been a little under the weather so I spent most of Saturday just working on simple crafts at home. That always makes me feel better :)

 I wasn’t feeling up to taking pictures of how I made everything so I’ll just show you what I did manage to snap.

The carrots were filled with M&Ms. I had found them here at the Oh Happy Day blog. So cute yeah? They were so simple to make too. I made the bunny from another old baby blanket. I knew I HAD to make an Easter bunny softie after I saw them popping up all over my blog feeds! I used the DIY instructions for it at this site.

Rex wanted to bake cookies so we did. I doubled the recipe and made a BUNCH so we could give them to our friends. I packaged them in ziplock sandwich bags then just used some craft paper that I cut into rectangular strips and tied it with a piece of twine around the bag. All very easy stuff.

Jack-Jack wants to get more and more involved every day in whatever it is I’m doing. And since she could SEE the cookies in the bags, she was trying to figure out a way she could get at them whenever I had my back turned. She’s quick this one.

My Easter basket I packed was only on the floor for 2 minutes for me to take a picture. The whole time I could not get a single shot without her in it. She wanted to be RIGHT UP THISCLOSE to it! I had to crop her legs out of the one above! She keeps me on my toes alright.

I’ll share our Easter Egg Hunt and party pictures in a later post. Probably tomorrow. I hope you all had a wonderful day too!

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3 Responses to Easter Crafts I Chose

  1. Cassie says:

    Those look great! Beautifully done. What a fun idea

  2. Anna says:

    Very cute carrots and that bunny isn’t to shabby :) Good to see you are still going with sewing. I had to take a break a little bit, experiencing some mid back pain now from sitting so much. ahhh joys of getting older.

    • Stanley says:

      I did very little candy in the etaser baskets this year due to 2 kids in braces. Chocolate was abundant though and I am having a hard time not sneaking in their baskets!!! I’m tired from our week off and still have to get the house back in shape. Boo! Happy Monday, though.

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