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Gingerbread Houses – Big and Little

Gingerbread houses. What’s Christmas without some of that in our days right?

Last year I took the kids on a cable car ride that stopped at the Fairmont to view the largest Gingerbread house we’d ever seen. This year I thought I’d skip the cold cable car and just drive there.

We made a quick pit stop at Union Square. But the kids were too cold to let me get any decent shots so we didn’t stay long.

So off to the Fairmont we headed.

The Gingerbread house seemed as large as I remembered. I’m not sure why I wasn’t as impressed this year. Probably because I wasn’t happy with my light in there.

Actually the kids didn’t seem that impressed either.

Jack-Jack did manage to sneak a bite off the house when I had my head turned! All I saw was her chewing and white crumbs around her mouth! Obviously we left shortly after that.

We played outside the Fairmont for a bit. My kids love playing on sidewalks. They get bored at playgrounds.

Fire hydrants? Climbing structures!

On our way home we stop at Trader Joes and pick up our own gingerbread house. Aw yeah! This is more their speed. They were both excited about this one

Although Jack-Jack was still too little to really help much with this yet. Rex quickly ripped apart the box.

My baby girl just watched longingly

I did have to let her hang on to the spatula and lick off some icing so she wouldn’t scream her head off.

That kept her busy while Rex began building the foundation.

Soon though even the spatula dipped icing wasn’t enough for her. She wanted to actually slap the icing on the house just like her big brother was doing.

So while we let the foundation set, Rex laid out the candy decorations and I put her down for a nap.

We continued after lunch while she napped. As always, Rex wanted to build it exactly like the picture on the box. I struggled to get him to be creative and design our own house.

In the end, I told him I’d take one side of the roof while he was in charge of decorating the other. I started throwing all kinds of random candy on my side. That seemed to work to get him to forget about copying the picture!

He even put the cat on the side of the house instead of on the roof top! That must have been hard for him. I love it!! :)

We finished and cleaned up before the babe woke. Now we just have to make sure she doesn’t eat it when we’re not looking.

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