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Candids And Lifestyle

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It’s the final week of my workshop. I’m more than a little sad that we’re done with the class. I have to say I’m really excited to apply everything I have learned in the last month! Wow, I never realized just how poorly I was composing and editing before! :)

This week’s assignments focuses on capturing moments and photographing to tell a story. This is exactly the kind of style I like and am very comfortable shooting in this manner.

Here is my candid shot. Processed in black and white without any presets applied. My happy happy kids.

And here is my photo essay. This is basically a typical blog post for me since it is how I tend to tell my stories here :)

The End.

I’ve really enjoyed the class and everything I’ve learned. I look at many things with a different view point and angle now. It is fun to have this creative door suddenly open in my head. I now find much beauty in the random line, reflection or silhouette.

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Fake Cupcakes – The Star Wars Kind

I know. Fake cupcakes just sounds bad on so many levels. However, I had to work within narrow limitations for my son’s birthday celebration at school. Since his school has a “no sweets” policy, I tried to still give him a cake of sorts for his class party.

Remember my Lego Advent Calendar? Well it turns out that most of the 24 days consisted of these cute little miniature Star Wars battleships!

They are simple to put together and are made up of small but very few pieces. I was actually going to hunt down these pieces and pull them together for the contents of each cupcake, but I found out that most minifigure collectors had bought the Advent Calendar set specifically for the 6 figures that came with it and were selling the ships (unopened) for about $1 each on Ebay. That made my life a lot simpler! I ordered enough ships for the entire class (and a couple leftover).

Each ship came unassembled and with its corresponding instructions. I cut up the instruction card so that it would fit at the bottom of the cupcake liner. I stuck it to the bottom with some tape.

Then I just used some tissue and ribbon to package up the pieces of the ship. I fluffed out the top of the tissue and curled the ribbon to make it look like icing and sprinkles. Ha!

They were real easy to make and I finished all 22 in less than an hour while the babe slept.

Next I had to figure out how to stick a candle in somewhere. Since these cupcakes were made of tissue, I needed some kind of elevated stand for the candle… I went on a hunt in Rex’s room and came away with this. One of his many creations.

I was trying to figure out a cool way for the Clone Trooper to hold the candle but was pretty tapped out of ideas by then. So I just taped the candle to his back! Haha :)

I taped the Lego plate that the ship and troopers were on directly to the platter and arranged the “cupcakes” all around it. Voila! My fake cupcakes that passed the school guidelines for no sweet treats!

I brought it to school during snack time for them to sing happy birthday to my little man. He was a little embarrassed by all the attention.

The kids were all excited to get one! I think the fact that they knew it was a toy (and a Lego toy at that) made them forget that the cupcakes were fake! :)

This trick definitely works better on kids (or adults) who prefer Lego toys over cupcakes!

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Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar Refashioned

About 3 years ago we started the tradition of the Advent Calendar during the Christmas season. Over the course of the 3 years we’ve customized it to tailor to what my little boy is into. This is his favorite part of December. And it also makes it easier to get to Christmas when you have something to look forward to every day.

Last year I bought the Playmobil Police Advent Calendars. It wasn’t the prettiest of things. It came in a box with perforated “windows” you could punch out and open each day.

This year I found a Lego Star Wars one on Amazon! Here’s the link to it if any of you have a little Star Wars fan in your family. I ordered it immediately.

I had already decided I didn’t want the box with it’s perforated windows to house the cute little ships and minifigs that it came with. It was just visually unappealing to me!

So I scoured pinterest for some ideas for alternate and unusual ways to create an advent calendar of sorts. Here is what I came up with using stuff I already had in my home.

I found some green fabric and cut them up using my pinking shears (one of my purchases using my 50% off coupon at Michaels!) into 10″ squares.

I cut up some red ribbon to use for ties. You can add ribbon-problem along with my glitter, paints, pretty papers, glue problem. I am a sucker for way too many craft supplies

To make the tags I found some card stock and used my 1″ hole punch to make 24 circle cards. I also cut up some 2″ square cards to glue the circles on them. I thought about printing the numbers out before cutting them up but it was just too tedious. So I just wrote out the numbers myself

I cut out each numbered door and matched them to the ship/minifig. Since they were not in order, I left them in the tray to keep them organized while I worked

I glued the numbered circle to each square card, attached the corresponding numbered door to the back of the card (each door had instructions on how to put the pieces together), punched a hole and strung my ribbon through

Then I just placed the shuttle/ship/minifig in the center of a piece of fabric and tied it up into a neat bow. Voila! My prototype!

Once I was satisfied with the way it looked I started assembling the rest of the 23 little fabric “bags”. I thought it would go much faster but 24 is A LOT of bags to put together!

It took me two days since I could only work on them while Rex was in school! But I finally finished :)

I purchased 3 potted poinsettia plants and placed them on our shelf in the kitchen. I spread out the bags around the plants. I love the color theme and how they tie in with the poinsettias. They actually look like leaves around the plants!

Today my impatient little 5yo will get to open the first one! :) Let’s just say I’m really glad I hadn’t finished this particular craft any earlier than 2 days before Dec 1. I don’t think I could take anymore 5yo bargaining and conniving to figure out how he could open one earlier than the first day of December!

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Lego Artwork Gallery

As you know I’m super proud of my little boy’s creative mind. Especially when it comes to building with Lego. I love how he always has a story to tell and he has even started naming his ships and creations.

A friend posted on FB wall awhile back with a link to an idea of how to display these creations. I can’t for the life of me find that link again. Basically you just have to photograph your child’s creations and display those photos however you want.

I had Rex select some of his favorite pieces for me to photograph. He even helped me set up the shots in my home-made “studio”. Haha!

He had fun setting his pieces and ships up all the while explaining the detail and story behind each creation to me

I photographed about 10 or so of them, dumped them to my computer for editing and cropped them to a square 5×5 size. I then uploaded them to photoworkssf.com to order the prints.

They arrived a few days later. I LOVED them. The prints turned out looking really professional and similar to product shots you see for ads. I was very pleased :)

I was going for an art gallery type of look so I knew I wanted to display them on a canvas. I found these at Michaels for $13/10 canvases. They were 8×10 in size.

I wanted to be able to switch them out as I photographed and printed new pieces he made over time so I pasted the photos and descriptive titles (he sat down and gave me the official names of each of these creations) with sticky tack.

We chose and hung 7 of our favorite prints on the canvases

And in keeping with the Lego theme, we hung his Lego name sign we made awhile back over them. He is really proud of his display hanging in his room. I figured when he gets tired of having them on his wall I would hang them in our stairway or hallway for anyone who comes over to see :)

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CrazyJoy – Forbidden

This week’s CrazyJoy challenge word is Forbidden. I missed participating last week because of the crazy busy weekend we had with friends in town. So this past weekend I found some time to think about the shot I wanted to take for the challenge.

Here’s my take on Forbidden.

My son has an area of our living room blocked off for his Lego to prevent his baby sister from eating all the tiny pieces. This is not an uncommon scene in our house. There is always something she is longing for in the forbidden area. Today it was the V-Wing Fighter.

Check out Anna and Lesley’s weekly CrazyJoy Challenge

recipe for crazy

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The Trade Federation MTT Set

For months both my Rex and I have been saving for this. We finally reached our goal. So this weekend we broke my Lego Fund and emptied his wallet of savings for by far the most elaborate (and expensive) set he now owns.

I have never seen him happier :)

We’ll post pictures of the finished ship soon. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Name In Lego

It’s summer and my little guy is home more these days. I am constantly trying to come up with creative ways to keep him busy and away from the TV/computer. I have a list of outdoor activities planned for the summer but unfortunately we can’t do them EVERY day. If we did, there would be no clean clothes, dishes or home cooked meals for this family. So I try and have him keep busy with simple projects he can work on at home some days.

This is a sign with his name in Lego pieces for his new room. I found the idea somewhere (I forgot to bookmark it and now I can’t find it again) one day utilizing wooden letters. I figured Lego pieces would interest my little Rex more. All you need is

1. Blank canvas (ours we used is 8×10)
2. Spray Paint
3. Glue Gun + Glue
4. Lego pieces

First I had him pick out lego pieces he doesn’t use often for the project.

He knows his alphabets and how to spell his name so I had him “shape” the letters of his name using those lego pieces. After he did that, he wanted to also build a mini contraption that moves to be placed under his name. I am all for him personalizing this any way he wanted.

When it was all laid out, I glued everything to the canvas with my glue gun and let it dry.

Next came the fun part – Spray painting! The last time I tried to let him spray paint his minifigure display we decided he was too young to handle a spray paint can. So I found this attachment in the shape of a gun that basically turns any spray paint can into… well.. a spray paint gun! He even got into his police uniform to do this!

I let him spray most of it till he was satisfied then when back and evened it in places he missed then let it dry overnight.

For now it’s in his shared bedroom with his sister on a ledge. But when he moves into his new room, we’ll display it somewhere on a wall or door!
By the way, he picked the orange color himself at the hardware store. Why? Well it’s Giants colors of course ;)

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Best $13 Spent Ever

I found this idea browsing the Pinterest boards one day. I just HAD to find me an old printer’s tray after that. I looked on Craigslist and Ebay. Nothing on CL and all the printer’s trays on Ebay were upwards of $45 + shipping! I was so disappointed and put the idea on the backburner for awhile. Well this past Sunday while browsing the Alemany Flea Market, guess what I found? :)

This gorgeously framed mirror! Isn’t it beautiful??

Haha… well besides that I also stumbled upon this old printer’s tray!! When the guy told me he wanted $15 from him I almost gave him a hug and told him I’d take it for $20! Ha! But the old chinese lady in me kept my cool, asked if he would take $10 for it and when he said he’d do it for $13 I couldn’t hold back any longer. I gave him the money, grabbed the tray (well had Grizz grab it) and skipped happily away! I was SO HAPPY I found one for $13!!!

As soon as we got home I gathered the supplies and began prepping for the project. Of course I kept my Rex as involved as I could since this was going to be his. He picked the colors (we already had spray paint on hand) he wanted and waited very impatiently for me to take these TWO pictures!

He helped me tape the side and frame with painting tape since we were going to paint it a different color. And daddy helped us hammer in the lose nails.

We used my mother’s day gift (a HUGE roll of heavyweight paper Grizz found laying on the street – he thinks it fell off a truck – that he thought I’d love so he pulled over, got out and ran into oncoming traffic to pick it up. He was right. I LOVE it! Mostly because it was FREE!) to line the garage floor  before we painted.

As much as I wanted to let him spray the red paint on, he just was not old enough to manage it yet. So mama did the spray painting. I did a total of 2 coats and let it dry overnight. The next day he helped me peel off the blue tape and we got to work on the next step.

He wanted the border to be black so he helped me paint the sides while I did the top edges. He was great at it. So careful and meticulous as always.

The one coat was definitely not enough. So we let it dry yet one more night and we came back and coated it again the next day. I finished it with clear acrylic spray and let it dry one final night.

And here is the finished piece. I just LOVE it!

He only wanted his Star Wars minifigs in the display for some reason. Don’t they look happy in there? :)

He was just as pleased with it as his mama. I love that he was part of creating it.

For now we have mounted it in his Lego area in the living room. But when he gets his own room come August it’ll be part of his Star Wars themed bedroom we’ll be creating.

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Random April

I was browsing through my albums for April and discovered that I took A LOT of pictures this month. I’m sure it’s because of our new toy!

I thought I’d share a few random ones that made me smile…

Sharing a moment with my baby girl. Love that remote!

Transporting cheese ball and SF Giants/Star Wars Peeps baskets to an Easter party. These were in the car at my feet!

Malt Chocloate Snack made out of leftover crushed malt eggs from Easter. The plastic cups were from the Oreo Cheesecakes I made for Ms Patty’s Easter party at the park. We’re all about reusing and recycling in this house! Ha!

My 5yo didn’t want me to take down the Easter decorations so for now I’ve hung tissue flower balls I made over our dining table for us to enjoy a little longer…

A storm trooper guard on my chalk-labeled jar shelf. I was playing around with the evening light coming in through our kitchen skylight on this shot.

My darling husband thinking he could improve on my shot, flung the poor trooper’s head into some melted chocolate I was using.

My baby girl just hanging out on the top of a trash can with her dad on Mission and 30th while buses rumble by 5 feet away. I just love this city.

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